Friday, October 23, 2009

And so begins the loss of inches.

I am addicted to the scale. There i said it! I know that the scale is not the best means of measuring weight loss progress but nothing beats the feeling of stepping on it and realizing you have lost a kg or two.

I have read and been told that one of the best way is to have an item of clothing that is currently a few sizes too small and try to fit it at the end of each week. I followed that advice and that is why i have 20 tops that dont fit. I call them "inspirational pieces". None has fit me to date. Maybe im too ambitious. Maybe i should have bought just 2 sizes smaller instead of 4. Anyway i decided to give away some of them so i can buy stuff that actually fit me. Having all those small clothes just made me depressed.

The other way of measuring progress is to use a tape measure. I noticed that every inch corresponded to 2kg loss. Its been consistently so. Now you see why i prefer the scale. Tends to move faster than the tape measure or inspirational pieces.

Anyway, now that i decided to do things differently, i am trying to put less emphasis on the scale and more on the tape measure. After all i think getting slimmer as opposed to lighter.

Ive been taking a tape measure to my tummy for the last week and have lost half an inch. Im very excited. Im tempted to weigh myself to confirm but i dont want to be disappointed. I will wait till next week 3 days after my period. Im looking forward to shedding more inches.

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