Sunday, November 29, 2009

The struggle continues

I have never before struggled this much to shift my weight. Every week i come up with a new strategy and every time I fail. Well, im done struggling. From now on im just gonna do it. I have successfully lost significant weight before and i know I can do it again. All i have to do is get in the groove.

My weight for the last 2 wks has been 75 kg. 3 weeks ago it had climbed to 75.5 but i was able to obliterate that 0.5 kg.

For the week that passed my goal was not to lose weight as such but to get back to cardio. I planned to have atleast one hour cardio exclusive of my salsa classes. I am glad to report that i did very well in that respect, i even surpassed my own expectations. The only drawback is that by yesterday-saturday, i was feeling quite drained. However today i have regained my energy and drive to do better next week. Oh the other draw back is that i didnt lose weight but maintenance is better that weight gain so i am not complaining.

Now this week-starting tomorrow, my main goal will be to reduce my calorie intake to 1600 as i continue with my cardio streak from last week. I am hoping to lose atleast 0.5 kg by the end of the week. Hope it works out. I also plan to cut out alot of the junk ive been taking in. Will report my progress at the end of the week.

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