Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So its been 6 months since i joined gym. Thats half a year. When I started I thought i would be 55 kgs by now. However ive only been able to shift about 2 kgs since then. Yep, im 73 kg now.

You remember the plateau I talked about? Turns out I should have worked harder to break out of it.

I have felt very discouraged but really there is no option of giving up. I just have to try harder until I finally get there.

Ive revised my final goal to 60 kg, meaning I have 13 kg to lose. Ive further divided my initial weight loss goals to 0.5 kg in the 1st week, 1kg 2nd week, 1.5 kg then 2 kg which should get me to 68 kg. You will notice that the 1.5 and 2kg goals have no time limit. Thats because im not gonna attempt to do the impossible resulting to disappointment. So lets see if i achieve these goals. Now to work towards goal 1

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