Thursday, April 29, 2010

Still struggling!

I know its been awfully long since i posted. That doesnt mean that ive been resting, still fighting the battle against fat, and fighting myself. You know, i think thats why im not making as much progress as i could have.

Anyway, let me first bring you up to speed with my progress. I stopped going to gym for a month because of lack of money but im back. Since my last post ive lost 1.5 kgs putting me at 70.5. Which isnt too bad. Now, the bad thing is that ive been at this weight for 3 weeks now. Im desperate to see the scale move even by 0.5 kg.

Being Janet, i have a plan to break through the plateau. Whether i actually follow through, is another story. I plan to follow my circuit programme at gym faithfully plus a cardio session everyday either at gym or at home.

I know that im good at working out, diet is my downfall. However im not gonna do anything drastic. Im just gonna try to make each meal the healthiest i can and try not to go past 1900 calories. Let me try this for a week then report back. Meanwhile im glad that my clothes are fitting better and i dont need to buy new suits anymore.

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