Friday, December 18, 2009

Billy Blanks Cardio Circuit 2- Another Notch In My Belt!

Do you remember the tale of my 9 aerobic Dvds? Well, i decided i wasnt gonna let them gather dust. I decided to do each one for 7 days. The first in the series was to be Billy Blanks Cardio Circuit 2.

This Dvd really kicked my ass but it just may be cuz i was really unfit. For 7days i did that and a one hour walk on most days. Though the scale did not budge by the end of the 7days, my bro mentioned that my arms were looking more toned and asked if i had been lifting weights. Actually by then i hadnt started my arm conditioning programme so i was thrilled.

Anyway, though my weight has remained the same, i have gained more confidence and feel that my physical fitness has improved. My knees dont hurt as much though the are still noisy when i climb stairs or squat.

I have managed to form a habit of waking up at 5am to do my aerobics and im proud of that. I like that time because of privacy which enables me to concentrate better on what im doing. Also anytime i dont do my exercise i just feel like something is missing. I am transforming myself from a couch potato to a fitness junkie and loving it!

Now the one thing standing between me and my ideal body is my horrible diet. I know i need to change so im working on it from today. This week i am doing Gay Gasper's aerobics for dummies, one of my old time favourites. I will combine that with a one hour walk daily and a sensible diet and let you know how it goes in 7days.

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