Tuesday, December 22, 2009

At last!

Weight loss at last! I cant believe it actually happened! I have lost 0.5 kg, and only in 3 days. Now no one can convince me its water or muscle weight. I worked so so hard for this. Putting in 130 minutes of aerobics and 30 of conditioning each day.

Just as i had thought-it was my diet that was holding me back. For the past three days i upped my water intake and it actually helped me feel less hungry hence making it easier to avoid junk food. Ive been eating pretty much the same stuff but avoided margarine, juice, cookies and biscuits which were pretty much part of my daily diet.

But the one thing that has really helped is slowing myself down. My plan had been to lose atleast 1kg a week and when i maintained my 75 for 3 solid weeks you can just imagine my disappointment.

Well, after reading several success stories i noted that most of the ladies who managed to lose weight and keep it off took from 6 months to one year to do it. This way they were able to change their habits slowly. I have settled on 8 months and by my calculations, if i lose 2.5 kg per month/0.5kg a week, i will reach my goal weight of 55kgs by september 2010.

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