Monday, August 3, 2009

A tale of 8 exercise dvds.

My journey has not been as smooth as i would have liked. In the past week i havent been able to do much exercise as i was unwell. I am not proud of my eating habits either but i am trying to add healthier options to my diet everyday.

Anyway back to my title. I have in the course of one year amassed a total of 8 exercise dvds. They are;
1. Turbo jam
2. Suzanne Cox dance aerobics total body toning
3. Denise Austin boot camp
4. Billy blanks tae bo circuit 1
5. "get ripped
6. Pump it up
7. Billy blanks abs boot camp
8. Pilates dvd
9. Yoga dvd.
Ha! I just realized they are 9. With all these dvds you would expect me to be a very fit person wouldnt you? Trouble is, the dvds dont work themselves and my ass has been too lazy to make use of them.

One day i took out the whole collection and put them in my vcr cuz i realized i didnt even know wat is in half of them. Anyway, i made a promise to go thru all of them in the order listed above. I was to dedicate 3days to each. Well im proud to announce that im on dvd no 2. Im not working out everyday like i wanted to but at least im progressing. I did day one of dvd two yesterday. Today i was too tired to wake up early so day two will probably be tomorrow. Dont worry, i didnt skimp on exercise today. I went for 80mins walk and one hour salsa class. I more than compensated for not working out with suzanne cox & co.

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