Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I must warn you that this post is going to be full of self pity.

Well its been about one year and 3 months and I'm still struggling to shift the same old weight. I once saw a joke that states, "I keep trying to lose weight but it keeps finding me". Well, for me its not a joke. It rings true. Last year I actually managed to shift 7.5 kg and also managed to foolishly gain them all back during the christmas holiday.

Every week of December a gained a kg here and there and I was confident that I would be able to shift it easily once I got back to my weight loss programme. First of all, it took me until mid January to finally start working on my weight. Secondly it now mid feb and i still weigh 75 kg despite going to gym and engaging in grueling workouts. At some point I even started looking bigger so I dumped my weight lifting programme and have now decided to only do one cardio session a day. Honestly there is no need to kill my self with exercise if I only get negative results.

The worst part about this is that in the last month I have met atleast 4 people who thought I was pregnant. That is not something you wanna hear even when you are pregnant. It is actually for that reason that I realized that I cant afford to give up the fight, hence my reappearance. My tummy has grown to such mammoth proportions that I cannot even be mad at the people who think I have a bun in the oven. I seriously need to lose my "pot". I realize there is no such thing as spot reduction so im gonna have to lose fat from all over for there to be a difference in my tummy size.

In lieu of the above, I have made the following resolutions
1. That I shall not be in a hurry to lose weight. There is nothing worse that losing a ton of weight and gaining it all back in a week or two

2. That I will start working on my diet seriously as therein lies the key to weight loss

3. That I will tone down the exercise to one cardio session for at least 2 weeks as I realized it increases my appetite.

4. That after the 2 weeks I will revise the strategies

These are resolutions I started implementing yesterday and they better work cuz i have a wedding to attend on 9th April in which I am a bride's maid with a very daring dress. I had hoped to have lost significant kilos by then but i have to be satisfied with 1.5-3 kilos which will make me 73.5kg or 72kg by the time of the wedding. Its not my lightest weight but i believe I will have confidence from having achieved my goal. My main strategy right now is to eat as little as I can, without keeling over in a dead faint, and ensuring that its nutritious food I eat. No junk for me. Its day too and already I feel my energy levels dropping. However I will not give up so my body better get used to it.

Well, wish me luck!!

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